3 Ways To Deal With The Hurdles Of A Military Divorce

Posted on: 16 March 2016


Dealing with a divorce is stressful enough, but finding out that your spouse has left you when you were overseas serving your country can be even more difficult to handle. Now, you are stuck trying to figure things out while dealing with being on a temporary leave and facing going back overseas. To help you get through your divorce case as quickly and painlessly as possible, here are a couple of ways to deal with all of the hurdles of a military divorce..

Let a trained attorney handle it for you.

Instead of trying to muddle your way through all of the paperwork on your own, you can turn to a licensed attorney to handle all of the legalities for you. They will make sure the necessary documents are prepared and filed with the courts to prevent your being taken advantage of if you have to be overseas doing another tour. Not only does this make the process less time-consuming for you, but it also helps to eliminate some of the stress involved in having to go through a divorce in the first place. With an attorney on your case, you can make sure that your divorce case isn't scheduled for a time when you aren't available to be there in court.

Try to schedule court dates for when you are home from deployment.

It isn't exactly easy to try and go through a divorce when you aren't in the country. You need to make sure you are there in court and able to let your voice be heard. As hard as it might be, you need to make sure your court dates line up with when you are in the country and not on deployment. Ask the judge to schedule your dates and times accordingly.

Consider hiring a proxy to act on your behalf.

A proxy is someone who can act on your behalf without your needing to be there in court. This can save you a lot of hassles when you are busy serving. You tell the proxy what your intentions are and they can coordinate your desires with your attorney to make sure you get the results you want and your divorce case goes through quickly and easily.

By going through the three tips above you can begin transforming your life and moving forward while still being able to serve your country. For more information, contact a company like Law Offices of Peter Napolitano & Wayne Hibbeler.