Having Your Child Support Payments Changed? Know These 3 Things

Posted on: 26 June 2018


If you currently pay child support or receive it, know that you are not stuck with those identical payments forever. It is possible to modify the child support amount by requesting a hearing with a family court judge. They'll listen to what you request, either more or less child support, and make a decision on granting the request. Here is what you need to know when you have an upcoming hearing.

Check The Mail

You should expect to receive mail from the court and your lawyer before the hearing date, as well as your former spouse's lawyer. Make sure to check your mail regularly and open all letters that you receive. Make sure you fully understand what is being requested of you in these mailings by re-reading them if necessary. You may be required to give a prompt response, or need to notify your child support attorney of information you received.

Fill Out The Paperwork

There is a lot of paperwork involved with modifying your child support payments. You'll likely need to send an updated report about your current income, ongoing expenses, and other financial obligations that you have.

When reporting income, do not leave anything out. For instance, if you work a salary job and perform various freelance work on the side, you must report that freelance income. You may not consistently receive that income each month, but it will be taken into consideration.

You must avoid manipulating the paperwork to try to get the results that you want from a child support modification hearing. You'll win your child support modification hearing based on your reasoning, not necessarily based on the paperwork, and inaccurately reporting information could result in your case being denied. Your lawyer can help you come up with the justification you need to

Always Attend The Hearing

Some people may be tempted to not attend their hearing if their lawyer is going to be attending for them. This can be a huge mistake, especially if you need to explain special circumstances regarding your income or financial obligations. It will mean more coming from you personally rather than a lawyer. For instance, if you are now taking care of another child that is sick and has large medical bills, explaining the situation could help convince a judge to lower your child support obligations.

Your lawyer can help prepare you for your hearing, and give you the best chance of receiving your desired results.