Convincing Reasons To Choose Divorce Mediation Instead Of A Litigated Divorce

Posted on: 26 May 2021


When you want to end your marriage, you may think that will have a lengthy legal process ahead of you. You may also believe that you must appear before a judge and hire expensive attorneys to represent you. However, you do not need to go through a traditional litigated process to terminate your union. You can use divorce mediation rather than enduring a lengthy and expensive trial.

Read on to learn the benefits of divorce mediation.

Saves Time

You may not want to wait long months for your marriage to be dissolved. You may prefer that the court award you the divorce faster, particularly if you plan on remarrying right away.

When you use divorce mediation, you can take weeks off the legal process of ending your union. You do not have to wait as long to see a mediator as you would to see a judge. You can meet with a mediator and resolve all the issues within a matter of weeks. You could have your marriage ended in weeks rather than months.

Less Expensive

Divorce mediation is also less expensive than going through a traditional litigated divorce trial. The mediator may not charge as much as an attorney but, regardless, you will not have to pay the mediator for weeks or months. You may only pay hundreds, rather than thousands, to dissolve your marriage.

Legally Binding

Finally, while divorce mediation is not legally binding, the jointly reached agreements during divorce mediation will strongly motivate you and your spouse to abide by them. These agreements will be made enforceable when they are signed by a Judge. Divorce mediation is a process that is sanctioned by law, has the court's approval and allows you to make decisions that an attorney and judge can not. You worry less that your spouse will challenge your agreements as it was jointly agreed upon by you and your spouse during divorce mediation rather than in a courtroom.

Divorce mediation can be a viable alternative to going through the traditional litigated process when ending your marriage. It costs less money, takes less time, is less stressful and is legally more flexible with the same legal effects as using an attorney and a judge.

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