• Typical Fees for Legally Changing Your Name

    The law does not bar you from changing your name. If you feel like adopting a new name, you can just start using it as long as it's in line with the name-change restrictions. This route won't cost you any money. However, you will agree that such an informal name change isn't convenient. You will be introducing yourself with a different name from the one in your official documents or even property deeds.
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  • Dispelling Some Common Divorce Misconceptions

    A divorce can be one of the most painful experiences that a person can go through, but it may be the only way to escape a failing marriage. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about divorce that people often believe, and these notions may lead them to assume this process will be far more difficult or confusing than necessary. In particular, you may benefit from having the following couple of myths clarified.
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  • Why You Should Hire A Divorce Attorney As Soon As The Divorce Is Contested

    Deciding it is time to end your marriage is never an easy thing. The stress and emotional toll can turn normally good, decent people into not-so-nice people. Some people feel that by not having a divorce attorney involved, there will be less tension and bitterness. You may prepare and file the divorce papers yourself, or have a paralegal do it and save on the financial aspect of divorce. However, if your spouse contests the divorce, you need to hire a lawyer, like Robert L.
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