Why You Should Hire A Divorce Attorney As Soon As The Divorce Is Contested

Posted on: 14 July 2015


Deciding it is time to end your marriage is never an easy thing. The stress and emotional toll can turn normally good, decent people into not-so-nice people. Some people feel that by not having a divorce attorney involved, there will be less tension and bitterness. You may prepare and file the divorce papers yourself, or have a paralegal do it and save on the financial aspect of divorce. However, if your spouse contests the divorce, you need to hire a lawyer, like Robert L. Flanagan, as soon as possible or things will get out of hand fast.

Your Own Worst Enemy

Once the divorce process stops because one of you disagrees with the original filing, you are going to get overly emotional and quite possibly angry. If you go before the judge in this state, he or she is going to tell you to calm down, and talk with a mediator to try to settle the disagreements. While a mediator can be of help, he or she is not able to give legal advice, but only try to make the two of you come to a reasonable agreement. The mediator will not go into the courtroom with you, either. Mediation requires the two of you be face-to-face and willing to discuss the problems.

Even if there are not a lot of marital assets or any children involved, things can still be ugly when one of you feels betrayed or disrespected. Name calling and screaming matches are not going to accomplish anything.

Getting the Help You Need

First and foremost, a divorce attorney can deal with your spouse or his or her attorney without you having to be there. This keeps things from escalating out of control. After meeting with your spouse, and/or the other attorney, he or she will come back to you with what was discussed and give you a chance to respond. When it comes time to go to court, your attorney will be there with you.

Another big advantage is the lawyer's knowledge of the law. This can be extremely important when it comes to equitable division of property, child support, visitation, and alimony.

Don't try to go it alone when there is a chance that things can turn ugly. Instead of adding to the tension and anxiety by becoming defensive or starting a fight, hire a divorce attorney to handle everything for you. It is the best way for you to be treated fairly and end the marriage so you can move on with your life