Nonmonetary Benefits Of Prenuptial Agreements

Posted on: 28 February 2017


Some couples frown upon prenuptial agreements (prenup), reasoning that such agreements destroy romance by focusing on money matters. This isn't true for two main reasons. First, it's not bad to discuss money issues before marriage because it's a fact that finance is one of the leading causes of marital conflict. Secondly, a prenuptial agreement covers much more than money issues. Here are four nonmonetary issues you should consider including in your prenup:


Religion is one of the most divisive issues today.  Therefore, if you are getting married to a person with different beliefs from you, it makes sense to decide how you will raise your children. This determination is important even if you are of the same religion or even if you aren't even religious. People change; nonreligious people become religious, and people convert from one religion to another every day. You need to have it down on paper how you will raise your children if that happens.

Conflict Resolution

Anybody who tells you that they haven't had conflicts after decades of marriage is probably pulling your leg. Conflicts do occur; it is how you solve them that determine whether you move past them or they break you apart. Therefore, some people benefit by having conflict resolution goals or strategies included in their prenups. For example, you can decide never to separate or divorce without trying couple's therapy first. After all, statistics show that marriage counseling is successful 70 – 80% of the time.

Raising Kids

Having kids may be enjoyable, but raising them isn't easy. What's more, people often have different expectations when it comes to raising kids. For example, others are comfortable with having nannies raise their kids while others maintain that only a parent should raise a child. If you are marrying someone who falls into the latter category, they may expect you to become a stay-at-home parent when you get kids. Alternatively, they may expect you to provide for the family while they become stay-at-home parents. It's best to agree on such things before marriage and include them in your prenup.

Children from Past Relationships

If either of you has children from previous relationships, you can bring up the issue during your prenup discussions. For example, you can discuss and agree on how you will raise them, whether you intend to adopt them and how to include them in your estate plans.

In short, you shouldn't dismiss the issue of prenuptial agreements without at least discussing the issue with your loved one. Consulting a family lawyer can help shed more light on the issue. Click here form more about this topic.