Can You Change Divorce Lawyers?

Posted on: 28 June 2019


As you move through the divorce process, you may discover you have problems with your chosen attorney. No matter what reason, it can be risky to switch attorneys in the middle of your divorce. However, when you have a valid reason, the change may be completely necessary. The following are some things to consider before changing attorneys in the midst of a divorce:

What Is Your Reason for the Change?

Before you change attorneys, you need to carefully consider the reason for doing so. Think about whether or not the reason is something you can change by having a conversation about your problem. If your issues have something to do with how the practice operates, speak to your attorney to see if they can be remedied in some way. If your problems are directly with your attorney and how he or she is handling your case, you can still discuss it before changing. However, if you do not like the answers you receive, you have a valid reason for the switch.

What Are Some Valid Reasons for Changing Attorneys?

There are some telltale signs you could need a new attorney. A major issue with some attorneys is communication. While divorce attorneys are very busy, they should provide prompt communication to your questions or issues. One instance of bad communication is not typically uncommon. However, if it becomes a trend, it can effect your case.

The mishandling of information is another reason you may want to leave your attorney behind. When you divorce, you have to provide a significant number of documents. Divorce attorneys should have a solid system in place to organize the information. If your attorney continues to ask you for the same documentation continually, this means either the information is lost or otherwise cannot be easily located.

Missing deadlines is a major problem. When an attorney misses a filing deadline, it could negatively impact your entire outcome. Important deadlines dealing with custody or alimony are particularly problematic when they are missed.

Do You Have to Start Over?

When you make the choice to change attorneys, carefully research those in your area. Read reviews and ask for referrals as well. Contact local divorce attorneys. When you decide on your new attorney, you need to let your former attorney know you are making a change. All of your paperwork has to be transferred to your new lawyer. You may still owe fees to your former attorney, depending on your contract.