Considering Divorce? Things You Should Understand

Posted on: 31 October 2022


If you're preparing for a divorce, it's important that you are adequately prepared for the process. Divorce is emotional and challenging, and without the right preparation, you may feel as though you're stumbling along. You may even end up with a longer court battle than you might want due to conflicts between you and your former spouse. Here are some things you should know if you're considering divorce.

Some Cases Warrant Preparation Before You Leave

You've probably heard that it's best to handle all of the preparation steps before you tell your spouse that you're leaving. This isn't always the best approach because it can seem as though you're blindsiding your spouse. However, there are some relationships where it's in your best interest to prepare for the divorce ahead of time, including securing financial statements, asset records, and cash assets. This is important in situations where your safety might be a concern.

Be Responsible About Asset Division

If you want to be sure that your case is seen favorably in the courts, it's important that you are fair and equitable about the asset division. Don't take more than you are entitled to. In fact, it's in your best interest to split accounts in half.

Don't Get Aggressive

When you're ready to separate from your spouse and file for divorce, you'll find that the process can become hostile and contentious sometimes. That is why it's in your best interest to take a deep breath when things get stressful or heated. Don't feed into hostility and encourage fights because it will extend the litigation and could ultimately cost you some of the things that you want out of the process.

Be Objective About Parenting Time

Unless there are abuse, drug, or other serious child safety concerns associated with visitation and child custody, be practical about the parenting time schedule. Children should get equal time with both of their parents so that they maintain that relationship. That's one of the things that most courts look for in the settlement and child custody agreements because it's important for children to maintain their connection to both parents even after a divorce.

These are some of the most important things to consider if you're feeling as though it's time to file for divorce. Talk with a local divorce law firm, such as Elam Glasgow & Chism, for more guidance and to help you prepare before you finally serve your spouse with the papers and formally separate.